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    Schirmmutzen, Hats and Caps from the German Waffen SS Formations. We currently sell several types, all made in Germany. These Waffen-SS hats can be made to your specification just email us with the details of the Waffen SS cap you want and we can take it from there or buy off the shelf from the available caps below. Our caps are museum quality and all have been aged to varying degrees to

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    21 行· WW2 German visor caps. We offer the finest quality German army, SS officers,

  • PRODUCT NAMEPRICEAllgemeine SS officers cap Allgemeine SS officers cap. A very good quality affordable ss offi£49.95OUT OF STOCK- Allgemeine SS Officers Schirmutzen by EREL Allgemeine SS Officers Schi£99.00Waffen SS Officers cap (Schirmutzen) by EREL Same superb qaulity as the Allgemeine SS o£99.00Waffen SS Panzer cap ( Schirmutzen) by EREL Waffen SS officers Panzer cap (Schirmutzen£110.00查看militaria-net.co.uk的所有21行
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    The Waffen SS crusher cap has now been pre shaped and had the wire band removed to give a soft

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    Top quality reproduction of the German WW2 crusher cap worn by the Waffen SS Panzer crews. This cap is made in Germany by EREL who was a wartime hat manufacturer in WW2 for the German Army and still makes caps today. There are plenty of replica Crusher caps for sale but none compare to the quality of these German made caps which are made using the finest materials and workmanship.

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    For auction today we have a Beautifully aged WWII SS German Officers Crusher Cap an older reproduction I've had it for 25 years lightly mothed and showing a realistic age and "patina" lol you can't buy this original look nowadays ..Check out the pics and get bidding no reserve...

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    翻译此页Sep 01, 2020 · German Officers Cap in Wwii Militaria Hats & Helmets forGerman M32 Elite Officer Wool Hat Officer Cap Black
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    Waffen SS Field Grey Crusher cap with insignia field grey crusher cap metal insignia metal insignia. Share. Tweet. Reviews (0) Write a review Reproduction German WWII black SS Helmet.Steel helmet which comes with leather liner and chinstrap Add to Cart. Compare. New. WW2 ATA Air Transport Auxiliary tunic £ 139. 00. made from very dark blue baratheafully lined with bellows pockets and


    SS Headgear. SS headgear for sale from important Allgemeine-SS, SS-VT and Waffen-SS headgear, to SS 'Crusher Caps,' SS headgear with impeccable provenance, SS ski-caps, peak visor hats, SS M38 'Forage Caps,' SS headgear with rare insignia, SS headgear made by Erel, & more.

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    This Waffen Schutzstaffel (Waffen SS), German crusher cap, is made of top quality wool material with leather peak and in the same method and materials as in the originals. The insignia is museum quality and both eagle and death heads skull are in silvered metal.


    SS Officers Visor Cap : This visor is made from pre war German trikot material with a distinctive green tone to it. I had a textile conservator examine this material to determine its age and origin. It has the correct grass green piping for Gebirgsjäger troops. It has the typical officers black velvet cap band. The insignia consists of a zinc Assmann eagle and a zinc Deschler totenkopf . Both have lost most of their

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    Store > WW2 German Soft Headwear > Waffen SS > Waffen SS Crusher Cap Green Wool Peak This is a reproduction, brand new condition, Schirmmützen crusher cap for the Waffen SS Officers, NCOs & enlisted men. The maker is EREL and has two makers marks, one in the crown and one on the leather sweat band. This cap is brand new and ready for reenactment wear or display. It is a Waffen

  • WWII German SS Officers Crusher Cap | eBay

    For auction today we have a Beautifully aged WWII SS German Officers Crusher Cap an older reproduction I've had it for 25 years lightly mothed and showing a realistic age and "patina" lol you can't buy this original look nowadays ..Check out the pics and get bidding no reserve...

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    Gestapo and SS men were issued with black Schirmmützen featuring a silver death's head. On campaign, Wehrmacht officers often removed the wire stiffening so the cap would resemble the older First World War–era crusher. [citation needed] Modern German army. Schirmmützen of the pre-1989 West German army (left) and modern Bundeswehr (right) After the Second World War, both the West German

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    This cap is in my collection for a long time and is not for sale. True SS crushers are so rare that nobody believe in it. I don't want to promote this cap, I just want to share it with collectors who like this kind of object. That's for that reason I've opened 2 threads in concerned sections.

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    WW2 German Visor Caps Please find below a sample of our range of reproduction WW2 German Visor Caps. The number of possible combinations of visor caps worn by the German Forces in World War Two (different wool colours, band colours, Waffenfarbe piping colours, types of insignia, peak type, Schirmmutzen or Crusher) means we cannot list them all.

  • SS ''Kleiderkasse'' Infantry NCO Crusher Cap from Hessen

    We asked our friends at Hero Collection in Poland to make us a German Quality crusher visor cap, similar to the ones seen in some of the recent top war films. These Waffen-SS enlisted crusher caps feature authentic field grey wool the is custom milled for us in Bavaria, top, satin lining, leather sweat band, Black wool cap band, white wool piping, genuine leather visor, and fine quality bevo

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    19/09/2018· Everything here is strictly apolitical and for reenacting purposes

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    29/03/2020· This is an Waffen-SS artillery crusher cap used by artillery officers, both conventional and Sturmgeschutz. Notice the visor isn’t the stiff Vulcan type like the regular service cap – it being more soft and flexible. This cap was made and worn in 1940 when SS regulations permitted the wearing of different colored waffenfarben (branch) on the caps. Also notice that the crusher cap lacks the

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    Your World War 2 militaria web source for U.S. & Third Reich military decorations, medals, ribbons, badges, patches, pins, flags, caps & headgear, cuff titles, officer's rings & much more. Specializing in Nazi, WWII German militaria. Catalog and phone orders welcome. EREL Visors We are extremely pleased, as the exclusive distributor for the successors to the Robert Lubstein factory, to offer

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    Cloth and Metal Insignia- SS, SA, NSDAP, NSKK and Teno (29) Cloth and Metal Insignia-Army, Luftwaffe and Kreigsmarine (36) Cloth and Metal Insignia-Civilian And Miscellaneous (3) Cloth and Metal Insignia-Diplomatic, Police, FirePolice, Customs and Reichbahn (9) Cloth and Metal Insignia-Other (0) Dress Forms, Mannequins, and Display Heads (0) East German (DDR) Uniforms, Caps and Insignia (2